Meadow Road Consulting AB

Supporting the "way" to change and improve

My passion and drive come from delivering customer value and driving continuous improvements.
After an extensive and fantastic journey in the packaging business with experiences from R&D and 
Technical Service in different management roles I am now since the begining of 2022 offering my Services via
Meadow Road Consulting AB.

With many years of international management experience, I drive and develop organisations, processes, and businesses to deliver value in an ever-changing environment - always with the customers in focus. 


To give a practical example from my career, I have built a customer facing organisation based in 22 countries covering 58 countries who solved customer issues four times quicker despite that the total number of issues increased four times during a period of four years.




Moreover, we achieved claim settlement with customers three and a half times faster securing customer compensation in a timely manner, exceeding customer expectations. 

Services offered:

  • Operational interim Management in Technical Services and Quality roles

  • Change Management Services including Organizational Development, Blueprint preparations, KPI's and Deployment support.

  • Work processes development including LDP (Lead Decide Participate) role model and deployment support.

  • Technical Service and Support organisational and business development covering Maintenance recommendations, Capabilities and Spare Parts.

  • Efficiency Improvement Projects, supporting customers to improve quality and efficiency

  • Maturity mapping and assessment

  • Improved Customer Issue Management
    - Turning a bad customer situation into a great experience creating loyalty


Magnus Malmström